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Hey there! 🙂 We are the minds behind HackeRoyale.

Well, it all started from a group of like-minded people like me on Whatsapp. When at first instance, I met with my colleagues, better say friends. All we had only one thought, a goal in our mind, to somehow contribute to the hacking community. And hence, we strived to get our hands at the ethics & pre-requisites of this field.

Meanwhile, during this long time, I thought of extending this scope to the world around me, so as everyone can benefit from me & my other counterparts. And it finally lead to the foundation of Team HackeRoyale.

We aim at providing people with the basics of hacking, the practical know-how & valuable knowledge. We strive our best to provide genuine information here, & we strongly condemn any type of fake propaganda, & mesmerizing people from the truth.

Our Team HR consists of my following mates including me:

Anuj Mishra

Role : Founder, Administrator, Chief Editor at HackeRoyale.

About Me : Aspiring Engineer & Hacker, Blogger, Programmer, Web Designer, Deep Web Hunter & Enthusiast.

Sai Sumanth

Role : Assistant Author.

About Me : I’m 21 years old and I currently live in Hyderabad.

I’m a B.Tech Final Year student in Sreedattha Engineering College.

My motto in life is to ‘If you want something, work hard & you will achieve it; there are no short cuts’.

The most important thing in my life is religious believes, moral values & respect for elders.

I am modern thinker but also believe in good values given by our ancestors.

I love listening to classical music & watching latest movies.

I’m a Tech Geek and usually finds out latest info about the gadgets and in field of technology.

Ethical hacking is my passion and becoming a Famous ethical hacker is my dream and I’m making my steps towards it.

Sarbesh Kumar Sarkar

Role : Assistant Author.

About Me : My life is Simple and I believe in Mother Nature rather than being superstitious, am a techsavvy and want to explore more out of the cyber world.

Currently, am pursuing my B.tech third year in Electrical Engineering at Kalyani Government Engineering College, West Bengal, my passion toward the cyber world is as same as toward electrical engineering, it has been more than a year for me in the field of Information Security and penetration testing.

Am currently appointed as Network Administrator of RBC Hall (Senior Hostel of KGEC), one important part of my Life is that I can fit myself in any situation am thrown into beside being open and friendly am less talkative and spend least of my time on social networking site only for getting latest Tech and cyber information. My best part of pentesting is Network Security and System Security

Tanisha Chitransh

Role : Assistant Author.

About Me : I believe in ‘MY LIFE MY CHOICE’ and with this I head the journey of my life enthusiastically and blissfully.

I have completed my B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) graduate from Indira School of Communication, Pune and I am a very diligent and punctual professional.

I have worked for various firm as Content Writer and contributed the writings on a lot of diverse genres. Mostly I cover topics ranging from lifestyle to entertainment but I don’t mind writing on new Fashion trends.

Last but not the least I work very professionally and I have quick learning capability that makes me fit to work in any fast-paced work environment.

Ánjaanà Dõst

Role : Assistant Author.

About Me : Ánjaanà Dõst is a descent student who is dedicated to hard work with a proper planning. He believes in working in team instead of working alone. He helps to only those who tried hard but failed.He learns as well as share knowledge with beginners who needs help. He has a good communication skill.

Apart from qualities, he is in the way of learning, in the field of Cyber Security and penetration testing. He is a good Blogger, which includes article writing as well as managing the whole Blog. He manages YouTube channel properly.

He spends his 1/4th hrs of day in computer to convert his theory knowledge to his practical knowledge. As he is in the field of hacking so, he uses fake identities on Web. He is available with fake identities on Social Media and active for while in a day. You can contact with him with his email or social sites.

That’s all with our introduction! Do keep visiting & stay updated with us at HR.

In case of any queries or information, you may contact us or mail in particular at [email protected]

And yeah, above all, don’t forget to keep track with us. WE are SOCIAL, Yes!

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Wish You A Bright & Fascinating Journey At HackeRoyale!

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