How Your Snapchat Account Can Be Hacked Easily & Instantly : 2022

Snapchat is one of the widely used social networking application by the youth after facebook and Instagram. It has special features like Photo sharing and Snapchat score. So Is...

Ways to Become an Ethical Hacker

Most of us only know that hacking is the unauthorised way of accessing information, and it affects computer system by exploiting networks or identifying weaknesses. But, there are different types of hackers, some are ethical...
How To Hack The Hacker's OS Kali Linux Using DEBINJECT ?! : Tutorial

How To Hack The Hacker’s OS Kali Linux Using DEBINJECT ?! : Tutorial

Ever imagined of hacking into Kali? Yes, you can hack the hacker's OS now with the DEBINJECT tool. So follow this little guide & move on to HACK the HACKER.

How To Make A Simple Virus ? (Windows)

Hello friends, You might be aware of what a virus is. Have you ever felt any excitement of making one by yourself? Let me tell you, making viruses is not a very difficult task...
How To Use Acunetix WVS (Web Vulnerability Scanner) to scan websites? : Step-By-Step Tutorial

How To Use Acunetix WVS (Web Vulnerability Scanner) to scan websites? : Step-By-Step Tutorial

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner crawls your web site, automatically analyzes your web applications and finds SQL injection, and other vulnerabilities.
Remote File Inclusion

How To Hack websites Using RFI (Remote File Inclusion) attack ?

If you found vulnerabilities of website that you wish to brought down& if your choice of attack by Remote File Inclusion then why Late? Click the Link...

How To Use Maltego For Information Gathering Purpose ? : Complete Tutorial

Maltego is an intelligent information mining device that renders coordinated charts for interface investigation

How To Hack Into Any System Using Venom ?! : Shellcode Generator Tutorial

Venom is a multi platform shellcode generator that can provide you payload for all the major available operating system, and these are mostly undetectable by AV

How To Test For Vulnerabilities In A Website Using Vega Scanner

Almost every penetration testing project must follow a strict schedule, mostly determined by clients' requirements. It is very useful for a penetration tester to have a tool that can perform plenty of tests on...

How To Use Netsparker To Find Vulnerabilities ? : Complete Tutorial

This is the article that let you know in detail about Netsparker which is one of the web vulnerability scanners available.