How To Hack The Hacker's OS Kali Linux Using DEBINJECT ?! : Tutorial

How To Hack The Hacker’s OS Kali Linux Using DEBINJECT ?! : Tutorial

Ever imagined of hacking into Kali? Yes, you can hack the hacker's OS now with the DEBINJECT tool. So follow this little guide & move on to HACK the HACKER.

How To Make A Simple Virus ? (Windows)

Hello friends, You might be aware of what a virus is. Have you ever felt any excitement of making one by yourself? Let me tell you, making viruses is not a very difficult task...

How To Hack Into Any System Using Venom ?! : Shellcode Generator Tutorial

Venom is a multi platform shellcode generator that can provide you payload for all the major available operating system, and these are mostly undetectable by AV

How To Hack Windows Using BRUTAL ?! : Tutorial

BRUTAL – Windows HID attack toolkit Many windows users save their credentials locally, like using “remember password”, “save password”. etc…And we can exploit these credentials using a hack shown in Mr.Robot, where Angela Moss steals...

Binders and Crypters : What They Do And How They Do?

BINDERS AND CRYPTERSBindersBinders, as the name suggests, are used to bind two objects. Well in our case, it is used to bind two files (of any type) be it an application file, script, or...
Malwares - An Introduction & A Brief Guide To Safety Precautions

Malwares – An Introduction & A Brief Guide To Safety Precautions

This article helps the reader to know the basics about what Malwares actually are and what precautions should be taken to protect themselves from them.
Metsploit Framework

Metasploit Framework Introduction : A Rough Guide

If we want to develop a Exploit code against a remote target machines then the best known tool for this is MetaSploit Framework METASPLOIT Metasploit is nothing but a Framework and Framework means collection of objects...
Malwares & Ransomeware

Ransomeware & Malwares: How to protect ourselves?!

Ransomeware, Malwares are very Dangerous and it is necessary for everyone to be aware of them and how to protect ourselves from those attacks.

All About Keyloggers : Description, Methodology & Working

Keyloggers are often used as a smart tactic by many cruel black hats to gain access & steal someones credentials. Hence it is significant to know about them