Hello guys back with Facebook hack series. This is 5th part of this series, where we are going to see the method of hacking Facebook using Shadowave.


In previous articles I had used Z-shadow, Anomor , and Wapka. In this article, I am going to use Shadowave.


Signing Up

How To Hack Any Facebook Account Using Shadowave : Tutorial [Part 5]

  • Click on Sign up.How To Hack Any Facebook Account Using Shadowave
  • Fill all the information and click Sign Up.
  • After some time you will be automatically get login to your account.
  • Click on first link (English) in Facebook profile option.
  • There you will find 6 options fill all 4 option and in first 2 option choose any image that you want to display for your Facebook profile.
  • Make sure you make verified profile.

Getting Your Weapon!

  • After creating your profile you will get your profile link. (i.e  the link that you are going to send to your victim)
  • Click on click here option you will be promoted to your Facebook profile.
  • Tell your victim that it is official page of any person. after seeing verified sign he will also think this is original page,so tell him to add him as friend.
  • Page will tell him to login first. This is main part. As your victim login you will get his password and email or phone number (you will find it in victim option).
  • As is told you to click on Facebook profile option below that you will find Facebook apps option, in this option you can make front page of any app(apps like Facebook hack, WiFi hack, Clash of clans hack etc). u just have to add 2 images to make your fake Facebook app page.
  • After adding 2 images your fake page will be ready tell your victim to login on that page.How To Hack Any Facebook Account Using Shadowave : Tutorial [Part 5]
  • As he logs in on your fake page you will get his password and email in victim option. (after you click on victim option it will say click on image below to see your victim.But don’t click on that image just refresh your page, You will see your victims).
  • Congratulation you have hacked Facebook account successfully.
  • NOTE: This articles is only for educational purpose, We are not responsible for any damage done by you.

I hope this article hacking FB by shadowave really helps you and Thankyou for reading the article.


Happy Hacking!!!


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