Denial of Service attack by XERXES

Hello Friends, Today I will tell you about Xerxes. It is a very powerful tool for doing DoS attack. You all know very well about DoS attack. In case if you don’t know, I can tell you in short.

DoS stands for Denial of Service attack. By this, you can down website. It means that the website will not work for while after attack. Read all about DoS attack.

So, Let’s begin……..

Click on this link.

Here you can read about xerxes.

You can download from this page or can download by commands from terminal.

STEP 1: Clone this website on Desktop. Enter command: git clone

After Hitting Enter.

Cloning has been completed.

Now we have to use it.

STEP 2: Enter command: cd xerxes

You can see that this is a “C” file. It means, it is written in programming C. So, we have to compile it. If you are programmer or know C programming then you may know this.


STEP 3: Enter command: gcc xerxes.c -o xerxes

After Entering this command, you are now ready to DoS attack on victim’s website.


STEP 4: Enter command: ./xerxes 80

Here 80 is port number.


So friends, this all was educational purpose tutorial. Hope you won’t harm any site.


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