5 Best Multiplayer Games For Android 2019


Have you ever feel world lives beside the fun? If yes, that’s why we seek for the fun which makes us happy. And the best thing to make our mood instantly is gaming. You might be like me who never go after the worst games and look for the most interesting games which connect people as well as fun. Playing solo makes you get bored after a while but playing in a multiplayer mode creates a competition situation which forces us to play more and beat the opponent.

Before I share the list look out this…

According to the fact of human behavior – Winning creates happy hormones in our body. Thus the game makes us healthy. If someone says you do not play games.Just tell them you are exercising for being happy.

Ahhh! No more talks and keep this talks aside. Now moving on the main part. The journey towards a happy life. Sharing the topmost popular Multiplayer games for Android of 2018-2019. Some names you already know but few of them were kept secret from you. Now no more hide and seek and revealing the best among all.Stay tuned till last maybe the last second one is most lucrative.

Top Most Popular Multiplayer Android Games 2019

1: PUBG Mobile Game

You must have already heard about it. The most popular game among youngsters and even some elders addicted to this game. The battle zone provides user to play with each other and enjoy the fun together. PUBG mobile is developed by Tangent Games. The game does not support offline LAN gaming. For multiplayer gaming, you need to switch on your internet and play in the battle zone with others. There are enough similar games besides that PUBG win among all. The powers and customization are much more than other games till now.

I used to addict with this game but later on, I need to move just to focus on my current projects. But I am sure after completing the project I’ll get back to the game again. To play in the battle zone with others you need to opt into the server and then select according to your level. There are various servers available in the game. Select accordingly.

now moving to our next popular game…

2: Mini Militia and Mods

If you haven’t played this game yet then you might have missed the real fun. Gone are the days when we used to enjoy the single player fun the world is switching to the multiplayer gaming option and well to be played between friends even without any internet networks. You can play anytime either traveling, flying or anytime. Mini militia aka doodle army 2 is a multiplayer RPG action game.

Mini militia is developed by appnomics and later it is sold to Miniclip the leader of online games which have developed games like 8 ball pool and many other popular games.

Now the secret (If you installed mini militia in your device): There are several mods available for mini militia game or you can say it as a mini militia god mod. If you can download those mods and then you will enjoy much better gaming then the original one.Try searching for mini militia hacks and mods. You will get many. Download mods now and thank me later.

3: Clash of Clans

Maybe you already know about this game. Quite popular since 2015 and still popular. Nowadays many more clash series are being developed. And people are taking early advantage of the game using free promotional offers. The game is developed by Supercell.

Well, in the community there is a question on how a user can play multiplayer battle? Well if you have the same question, then I’d like to clarify on the same that you can easily switch to multiplayer gaming option.

Clash’s multiplayer mode enables you to attack and visit other villages that belong to real life Clashers. By attacking, you can steal their earnings like gold, elixir and, at higher levels, dark elixir and many more. This helps you build & upgrade your village development much faster than by simply saving up resources from collectors or mines.

I hope you got the answer. Now moving to the most special one. You might have heard of this game or you didn’t.

4: Fortnite

Ahhh! I know you didn’t hear about it. Right? Don’t tell me to lie. Haha! Okay! If you haven’t heard about it then I must tell you it is one of the toughest competitors of PUBG mobile. The only problem this game face is a memory issue. Because Fortnite is the high graphics game which provides real gaming experience. If you own a good smartphone then you should download it today on your device and start playing it.

Fortnite is released in 2017 and developed by Epic Games. It is available as a separate software packages engines which having different game modes otherwise share the same general game play and game engine. It also allows PVP (player vs.player) mode like mortal kombat. Which brings more fun.

If you do not have high-end smartphones and you want to experience the game then install it in your PC and play. You can use any android emulators and install Fortnite using an emulator.

Now the last but not least.

5: Ludo Star Quadplayer Game

It reminds my childhood time when I used to play the real ludo on a board with my friends and a nice dice which rolls and we all wish for the 6 first. Now the game remains the same but presenting is somewhat virtual because the world now lives the virtual life. Ludo star is my fav game too. I invite my friends to join and then we 4 play together and then wish I could come first. Fun stills remain the same but the place is no different.

If you are kind of me and would love to experience the old days in a new way then you should download the Ludo star game and start playing it right away.

Ludo star is first developed for iOS and later get into the Android market. The game allows you to play online as well as multiplayer with friends by inviting them. Download now and have a really fun.


The above-listed games are the 5 most popular multiplayer games for android 2018-2019. I have done some research on it and then listed it here. The games are most rated and most played games according to the twitch. If you have any other recommendations then let me know in a comment below. I would love to play and list it here if found a good review about the game. Thanks for reading.Happy gaming. Stay tuned.