About Us

Hey there! 🙂 We are the minds behind HackeRoyale.

Well, it all started from a group of like-minded people like me on Whatsapp. When at first instance, I met with my colleagues, better say friends. All we had only one thought, a goal in our mind, to somehow contribute to the hacking community. And hence, we strived to get our hands at the ethics & pre-requisites of this field.

Meanwhile, during this long time, I thought of extending this scope to the world around me, so as everyone can benefit from me & my other counterparts. And it finally lead to the foundation of Team HackeRoyale.

We aim at providing people with the basics of hacking, the practical know-how & valuable knowledge. We strive our best to provide genuine information here, & we strongly condemn any type of fake propaganda, & mesmerizing people from the truth.

Do keep visiting & stay updated with us at HR.

In case of any queries or information, you may contact us or mail in particular at admin@hackeroyale.com

And yeah, above all, don’t forget to keep track with us. WE are SOCIAL, Yes!

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