Day 1 of Quarantine From The Coronavirus


Of all of the hacking and related security concerns we talk about on this website, the one thing we do not really talk much about is the traditional virus. Like, the real, communicable, infectious, human ones.

Americans across the country are being advised to stay home as much as possible to halt the spread of the Coronavirus. Instead of your run-of-the-mill cabin-fever, some have decided to take the humorous path to cope.

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COVID-19: Letter From The Editor


Dear HackeRoyale Users and Supporters;

I wanted to personally reach out to each of you and let you know about a few things that we are doing here at HackeRoyale to ensure safety and business continuity through this global health crisis. We have already begun implementing our own work from home protocol and are prepared to continue delivering service even if we must work 100% remotely.

HackeRoyale has been actively monitoring the Coronavirus situation as well as the global cybersecurity landscape. As is the case with any crisis, there are always those who would look to take advantage of the situation to do harm.

We understand the need to enable your staff to work remotely through this time but ask that you maintain a high level of security throughout this process.

Each of your organizations should designate an individual to be the point person for remote work approvals and that all requests for remote access originate exclusively from that individual.

We understand this will slow down the process, but it is needed to make sure that no unauthorized entities are granted access.

If you have any questions or concerns through this crisis, please feel free to reach out to me personally or any member of our team. We are here to support you! Your ongoing success is our top priority.

Chinese Cybersecurity Firm Alleges Decade Of CIA Hacks Against Chinese Officials


A cybersecurity company in China says it believes the evidence shows the CIA has hacked government officials, scientists, and industry targets in China for several years. The company, Qihoo 360, published a report online alleging a “CIA hacking group” known as APT-C-39 has been targeting Chinese internet users for 11 years…

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Hackers Compromise T-Mobile Employee’ Email Accounts and Steal User’s Data


Hackers Compromise T-Mobile Employee’ Email Accounts and Steal User’s Data

Or – “Bringing the Battle to You

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Scared yet?

All Nmap tool commands at your fingertips!


Hey folks! In this article I’m listing out some of the most used nmap tool commands that can be used for foot-printing purposes. I’ve tried my best to sort out most of them. But if you find any missing not mentioned here that you know, please comment below. This kind gensture will surely add knowledge of me & others.

Basic Scanning Techniques

Scan a single target —> nmap [target]

Scan multiple targets —> nmap [target1,target2,etc]

Scan a list of targets —-> nmap -iL [list.txt]

Scan a range of hosts —-> nmap [range of IP addresses]

Scan an entire subnet —-> nmap [IP address/cdir]

Scan random hosts —-> nmap -iR [number]

Excluding targets from a scan —> nmap [targets] –exclude [targets]

Excluding targets using a list —> nmap [targets] –excludefile [list.txt]

Perform an aggressive scan —> nmap -A [target]

Scan an IPv6 target —> nmap -6 [target]

Discovery Options

Perform a ping scan only —> nmap -sP [target]

Don’t ping —> nmap -PN [target]

TCP SYN Ping —> nmap -PS [target]

TCP ACK ping —-> nmap -PA [target]

UDP ping —-> nmap -PU [target]

SCTP Init Ping —> nmap -PY [target]

ICMP echo ping —-> nmap -PE [target]

ICMP Timestamp ping —> nmap -PP [target]

ICMP address mask ping —> nmap -PM [target]

IP protocol ping —-> nmap -PO [target]

ARP ping —> nmap -PR [target]

Traceroute —> nmap –traceroute [target]

Force reverse DNS resolution —> nmap -R [target]

Disable reverse DNS resolution —> nmap -n [target]

Alternative DNS lookup —> nmap –system-dns [target]

Manually specify DNS servers —> nmap –dns-servers [servers] [target]

Create a host list —-> nmap -sL [targets]

Advanced Scanning Options

All Nmap tool commands at your fingertips!

TCP SYN Scan —> nmap -sS [target]

TCP connect scan —-> nmap -sT [target]

UDP scan —-> nmap -sU [target]

TCP Null scan —-> nmap -sN [target]

TCP Fin scan —> nmap -sF [target]

Xmas scan —-> nmap -sX [target]

TCP ACK scan —> nmap -sA [target]

Custom TCP scan —-> nmap –scanflags [flags] [target]

IP protocol scan —-> nmap -sO [target]

Send Raw Ethernet packets —-> nmap –send-eth [target]

Send IP packets —-> nmap –send-ip [target]

Port Scanning Options

Perform a fast scan —> nmap -F [target]

Scan specific ports —-> nmap -p [ports] [target]

Scan ports by name —-> nmap -p [port name] [target]

Scan ports by protocol —-> nmap -sU -sT -p U:[ports],T:[ports] [target]

Scan all ports —-> nmap -p “*” [target]

Scan top ports —–> nmap –top-ports [number] [target]

Perform a sequential port scan —-> nmap -r [target]

Version Detection

Operating system detection —-> nmap -O [target]

Submit TCP/IP Fingerprints —->

Attempt to guess an unknown —-> nmap -O –osscan-guess [target]

Service version detection —-> nmap -sV [target]

Troubleshooting version scans —-> nmap -sV –version-trace [target]

Perform a RPC scan —-> nmap -sR [target]

Timing Options

Timing Templates —-> nmap -T [0-5] [target]

Set the packet TTL —-> nmap –ttl Thursday, October 08, 2016 16:14 UTC+9 [target]

Minimum of parallel connections —-> nmap –min-parallelism [number] [target]

Maximum of parallel connection —-> nmap –max-parallelism [number] [target]

Minimum host group size —–> nmap –min-hostgroup [number] [targets]

Maximum host group size —-> nmap –max-hostgroup [number] [targets]

Maximum RTT timeout —–> nmap –initial-rtt-timeout Thursday, October 08, 2016 16:14 UTC+9 [target]

Initial RTT timeout —-> nmap –max-rtt-timeout [TTL] [target]

Maximum retries —-> nmap –max-retries [number] [target]

Host timeout —-> nmap –host-timeout Thursday, October 08, 2016 16:14 UTC+9 [target]

Minimum Scan delay —-> nmap –scan-delay Thursday, October 08, 2016 16:14 UTC+9 [target]

Maximum scan delay —-> nmap –max-scan-delay Thursday, October 08, 2016 16:14 UTC+9 [target]

Minimum packet rate —-> nmap –min-rate [number] [target]

Maximum packet rate —-> nmap –max-rate [number] [target]

Defeat reset rate limits —-> nmap –defeat-rst-ratelimit [target]

Firewall Evasion Techniques

Fragment packets —-> nmap -f [target]

Specify a specific MTU —-> nmap –mtu [MTU] [target]

Use a decoy —-> nmap -D RND: [number] [target]

Idle zombie scan —> nmap -sI [zombie] [target]

Manually specify a source port —-> nmap –source-port [port] [target]

Append random data —-> nmap –data-length [size] [target]

Randomize target scan order —-> nmap –randomize-hosts [target]

Spoof MAC Address —-> nmap –spoof-mac [MAC|0|vendor] [target]

Send bad checksums —-> nmap –badsum [target]

Output Options

Save output to a text file —-> nmap -oN [scan.txt] [target]

Save output to a xml file —> nmap -oX [scan.xml] [target]

Grepable output —-> nmap -oG [scan.txt] [target]

Output all supported file types —-> nmap -oA [path/filename] [target]

Periodically display statistics —-> nmap –stats-every Thursday, October 08, 2016 16:14 UTC+9 [target]

133t output —-> nmap -oS [scan.txt] [target]

Troubleshooting and debugging

Help —> nmap -h

Display Nmap version —-> nmap -V

Verbose output —-> nmap -v [target]

Debugging —-> nmap -d [target]

Display port state reason —-> nmap –reason [target]

Only display open ports —-> nmap –open [target]

Trace packets —> nmap –packet-trace [target]

Display host networking —> nmap –iflist

Specify a network interface —> nmap -e [interface] [target]

Nmap Scripting Engine

Execute individual scripts —> nmap –script [script.nse] [target]

Execute multiple scripts —-> nmap –script [expression] [target]

Script categories —-> all, auth, default, discovery, external, intrusive, malware, safe, vuln

Execute scripts by category —-> nmap –script [category] [target]

Execute multiple scripts categories —-> nmap –script [category1,category2, etc]

Troubleshoot scripts —-> nmap –script [script] –script-trace [target]

Update the script database —-> nmap –script-updatedb

 Judging two outptus : Ndiff

Ndiff verbose mode —-> ndiff -v [scan1.xml] [scan2.xml]

Comparison using Ndiff —-> ndiff [scan1.xml] [scan2.xml]

XML output mode —-> ndiff –xml [scan1.xm] [scan2.xml]

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How To Install Kali Linux On Your Android

How to install Kali Linux on your Android

Hello guys! Today I’m going to share the process of installing Kali Linux on your Android Smartphone with you.

Before moving on, lets get jiggy with all that you need to get Kali Linux working on your Android.

  1. A device running Android 2.1 and above, rooted.
  2. Rooted Android device.
  3. At least 5 GB free space on internal or external storage.
  4. Completely charged Android device.
  5. Busybox App. Download here.
  6. Linux Deploy. Download here.
  7. Android VNC Viewer. Download here.
  8. A fast internet connection.
  9. Last but not least, patience.
Step 1: First we need to install UNIX Scripts into our device using Busybox App. Download and install the app.
 How to install Kali Linux on your Android
Step 2:
Setting up Linux Deploy:
  • First of all download and install Linux Deploy App on your device from Google Play Store.
  • After downloading and installing it, launch the app in your device and tap on the download button.
  • Then tap on distribution option and change it to Kali Linux.
  • Now, scroll up and click on the Install button at the top of there.
  • Then wait for the download to finish, it requires time depending upon your internet speed.

Step 4:
  • Now download and install VNC Viewer App in your Android from Play Store.
  • Now launch the VNC Viewer App and fill up the settings.
  • Now click on Connect button there.
Now you’re done and you will be able to run Kali Linux on your Android device!
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35 Best Free Hacking Apps For Android (2019 UPDATED)


Do you wanna know the most searched-on query nowadays? Hacking, methods of hacking, free apps to hack, how to hack Instagram, how to hack Facebook, even some people have searched for how to hack Google on Google’s search engine itself. Funny right? It’s surprising to know how people are obsessed with hacking other people’s accounts for their own benefit.

But it’s even more surprising to know about the free apps that are very easily available, that allow you to hack those same accounts. If you are searching for some app that might be useful to you for hacking someone’s account, you’re in the right place. Stop using certain codes and websites to hack the accounts. Here’s the 35 best hacking apps for android mobile devices.


The following information is applicable only if it is legal and allowed in your country or the region where you live. Please use the following information only for emergency and educational purposes. Do not try to hack other’s accounts just for fun or for some trick or prank. Serious actions will be taken if you by chance get caught. You could even get arrested. Even if you use the information given below, you use it at your own risk. We are not responsible for future events after using this information.


The tor project that works for the internet’s freedom and privacy developed this app called Orbot. The IP addresses are a major problem for hackers nowadays. Orbot allows you to hide your IP address. This app contains LibEvent and lightweight web proxy server. Here are some easiest steps you could use this app:

  • Download the app from the internet.
  • You’ll be able to see a purple screen with 4 words saying long press to start.
  • Long press the button that is displayed on the screen. The app will successfully connect to Tor.
  • Tap on check browser and then install Orweb.
  • The Orweb will be installed from the play store
  • As soon as it is installed, you’ll see a screen saying congratulations. You can now successfully use this app.

Fing- Network tools

The Fing app is available on the Google play store. Fing allows you to see all the network devices you are connected to. It also allows you to spot your own gadgets.

The easiest process to scan your own network is,

  • The bottom left corner has ‘devices’. Tap on it.
  • You’ll see the following screen in front of you.

There are several other advanced tools that you can use through Fing.

Haven keep watch

This is an app which again you’ll easily get on the Google Play store. Who doesn’t want to protect their privacy or personal information? Everyone does right. Haven keep watch provides you this facility. The app was designed for investigative journalists, human rights defenders, etc. this app helps in identifying unwanted intruders and guests as it turns the phone into sound, vibration and light detector.

       It has a really high rating on the Google play store app i.e. 4.1 stars.

* Accelerometer it helps identify phone’s motion and vibration
*in the case of the camera, motion in the phone’s visible surroundings from front or back camera is taken into consideration.
* It helps to detect the n0oises in the surrounding through the microphone
* it also has an ambient light sensor.


This particular app is very useful because it lets you connect your pc with your mobile phone and lets you command like ‘terminal’, etc.

Hash suit Droid

It lets you audit the security of password hashes. It is free, open and a very easy source. It is very helpful in cracking because usually when the user starts to use another app or presses the power button, it stops cracking. But it’s not the case with Hash suit Droid. The cracking continues in all the above-mentioned situations.

Its features are very similar to the pc version. Hash Suite Droid 1.2 uses 231MB of RAM cracking 1 million NTLM hashes.


It is a very easy android app for hackers. If you want to intercept and analyze communications over the wifi network, this is the right app for you. Its main purpose is to extract and recover data from various networks.

It can sneak around messages from various websites, YAHOO being one of them. It is also a cookie killer. Reconstructing files can really be easy through this app like HTTH, FTP, IMAP, etc.

For android, it can be downloaded here

Shark for root

It is claimed to be one of the advanced hacking tools. Its brilliant rating proves it to be efficient and effective. It is said to be a traffic sniffer and works on wifi and 3G connection sometimes even on modem and Froyo. Tcpdump is used as a command in the app in the phones where it is rooted.

zANTI app

The SSL attacks are checked by this app by hackers. It can easily locally be installed on any normal android device. The hackers can also use it for attacking any network and checking any loopholes in it. It is a known penetration testing suite of applications. This app brings along a lot of other tools, reporting tools, and diagnostic features.


This isn’t one single app. It contains a lot of other tools for ethical hackers and teasers. This app has three modules. This app can b used for various purposes like SQL injection, Google hacking, MySQL Server, RSS feed, MX records, and a lot more.

Network Spoofer

If you want to change the website of other people’s devices from your own android phone, this is the best app for you. It is easily available and installable. You have to connect to a wifi network and choose a spoof to use this particular app. It is advisable to not try this on any unauthorized networks.


The engineering that is performed on APK is just the reverse of APKInspector. APKInspector helps you o get the source code of any android app that you want. The license and the DEX code can be removed once you visualize it with this app.


It is a similar kind of app that allows you to do the dynamic analysis. If you want to get some information on APK packages, network traffic, SMS, phone calls, and more are sure you have this app in your android phone because this is the best place to get all these information’s


Most of the hackers are aware of this app and this name. This app allows you to scan various things on your computer.

This app does not care if your phone is rooted or non-rooted. One should definitely try this app to learn some advanced skills and become a professional hacker.


RAT here stands for remote administrative tool. From the name itself, this app clarifies itself about its function. It means a remote, which helps you control and take certain information from someone’s device. This application was developed in Java Android. It can help you connect with call logs, messages, location, and so many more things. It all over, helps you monitor the device.


This app has a collection of everything that a hacker needs. When this app was executed first it did not have enough of the needs. Many things were added as injections. This app allows you to manipulate the commands and orders of the other person’s device.

It has so many development tools, the required SDKs and so many other things that a hacker needs in an app.


One hacker can use the Faceniff app to intercept the traffic of your wifi. One can swoop on services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, flip kart, Amazon, and many more. One can also steal cookies from the wifi networks. This app won’t work on a non-rooted device. So if you have a rooted phone, then only you can work with the app.


The security analysts use this app because this is a very similar and easy app. The security analysts know what is happening in the network of wifi and this hijacks the web session profiles over a network. Faceniff is not very different from Droidsheep. Droidsheep uses all the websites but Faceniff uses only limited and certain websites. This becomes the main difference between both of them.

Kali Linux Net Hunter

This is an open-source of hacking for android phones. This app supports Nexus and one plus devices and it provides the ultimate hacking techniques. It allows you to perform a wide range of attacks.

WhatsApp sniffer

The teenagers are very curious about what their partners are doing and talking over WhatsApp. Instagram, Facebook hold the options of sharing the id password with each other but WhatsApp does not. This app allows looking into someone’s private chats and conversations in all. You should use your wifi data to do this process.

USB cleaver

This app aims to secretly recover and steal the information from the victim’s device. It steals all the passwords, IP addresses, etc. this does not need any modification to operate in any android mobile.


Once you start using this app, you would be able to very easily track your own network, running services, operating procedures. It also offers IT security to the experts.

Wifi kill

This is one of the best wifi hacking app. It is very helpful in disabling other’s wifi from one’s android mobile. Everyone in today’s world needs the Internet especially if it’s not theirs. Everyone would love to use the Internet and wifi if they get it for free to download all the series and movies. If you love it too, this is the right app for you.


This app look somewhat like the image below:

Linux has become very popular now a day. This app allows you to edit files in nano and vim, develop in C with clang. This is a little more complicated to download because some of the sources for download are considered to be a fraud.

IP tools + Security

This has a very large number of collections of tool, that hackers can use. It helps them to understand the various kinds of network and their availability & performance.

Lucky patcher

Who likes ads in between their videos and photo editing app? Nobody does. This app helps to remove ads, modify app permissions, backup apps, and bypass premium applications. To use this application, you have to have a rooted device

WIBR plus

The WIBR plus helps to check the security of WPA/WPA2 PSK Wifi networks. It helps to detect the problems in the network so that one can resolve it. It is one of the best android apps.

Market Helper

This app enables you to fake a rooted device. It helps you to make Nexus 7 become Galaxy S10 (example). There are some incompatible apps from various countries that are now allowed to download. This app lets you download it without any hassles.

Network mapper

This app is available on the Google play store. All the devices connected are scanned by this app and it also helps find open ports of various servers.

WPS connect

The wifi networks that have WPS enabled, can be easily hacked by this Wps connect. This app verifies the PIN of the wifi of the victim. This also helps to check if your router is vulnerable or not.

Change my MAC

The places that offer free wifi often have time limits to use them otherwise people end up using their entire wifi limit. If you change your MAC address, this problem would be solved. This allows you to enjoy the free wifi for an unlimited time.

Net Cut

This app allows you to quickly detect all the wifi users even if your android phone has no IP address you have to be connected to WIFI to let your network work.

 Pixel knot

This is quiet an interesting app. In this the strangers see only a pretty picture but you friends can read that secret message you sent with that picture. Easiest and interesting way to share messages with friends

WhatsApp web scan

For this you need the victim’s physical device in your hand. Then you need to scan the QR code of the victim’s WhatsApp. It does not require a rooted device it works on every kind of device.

Encrypt decrypt tools

This app has a very simple task to do. It only decodes the encrypted messages into readable form and vice versa that means it also converts readable forms to the decrypted forms.

Droid Sheep Guard

It helps the hacker to understand what is happening in his/her wifi network. This also helps to hijack the face session just like the Faceniff app. This app is supported by most of the websites on the internet.

Hackers Can Use Ultrasonic Waves to Secretly Control Voice Assistant Devices


If you have an environment set up where you can proof this out for us, we would be glad to write about it and share.

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#RSAC: How to Hack Society


Always favor the study of hacking and cybersecurity as a defense against tyrannical overreach and to become a beacon for continued freedom!

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Paypal Hit By Scam, Online Businesses Ignore Threats, How Hacking Email Spreads Threats And More


If you use PayPal at all for monetary transactions, this should concern you a bit.

#hacking #cybersecurity #scam #paypal #email #threats

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