Now-a-days almost every person uses an applock to safely hide their pictures and videos but this is a myth as it doesn’t hide them completely but actually this kind of application convert the extension of these pictures and videos into another format.This is the article that helps you to bypass any Applock security easily.

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Following are the steps to get access to those pictures and videos without knowing the password or pin or pattern lock :

How to bypass any Applock security without knowing passwords, pins or pattern lock

1. Go to file manager

2. Go to settings and check on the option: Show hidden files

3. Now go the folder named as .dom0o7b1i1le

4.Open the folder named as dont_remove

5.Here you will see many folders now check the folder size of each folder if the folder is exceeding 96 KB then this folder is containing the pictures or videos.

6. Now there you will see inside these folder’s 3 more files:




If there is an image hidden then rename the file with .jpg at the end of the file name.

Or if there is a video hidden then rename the file with .mp4 at the end of the file name.

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Other Tricks

1.Long press the Applock symbol in the application drawer and uninstall it.

Issue understood! Presently since there is no Applock, no secret key is required, and you can get to any application or organizer on the telephone.

You can likewise uninstall the Applock by going to settings>>apps>>applock>>uninstall.

After you complete the work, simply reinstall the application.

2.Go to Settings>>Apps>>All applications

Discover the Applock application in the rundown

Tap on Freeze or Force Stop

There’s nothing more to it. Presently the Applock application will be halted or solidified.

That implies it won’t work for the time being.

Presently you can open any application on the Android telephone which was ensured by Applock before.

It won’t request the secret key at this point.

When you complete the errand, you can tap the Applock symbol in the application drawer or home screen to open it.

Presently the Applock will move from solidify state to running state and typically work like prior approaching you for a watchword.

Along these lines your companion won’t realize that you opened application bolt without knowing the secret key.


You got the entrance to the photos or recordings with no secret key, stick or example bolt.

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