Dedsploit – Multipurpose network tool Dedsploit is a multi purpose network attacking tool, which provides a simple and easy to understand interface to n00bys to perform simple DoS, SSH brute force, recon, etc….. It is an open source software used for attacking network protocols and network exploitation. This framework aimsRead More →

Ever thought what hackers do when they don’t find a target to pop into? well, at least they don’t search target on Google and waste their precious time, they search for targets on SHODAN. Since the world is developing into a huge brain of Internal connected Devices capable of responding to the surroundings and communicateRead More →

This is the first article on the upcomming series on Information Gathering. In penetration testing,  gathering as much information about our target is the first step. Information gathering or footprinting is of two types namely passive reconnaissance and active reconnaissance. In passive reconnaissance we gather information without actually interacting withRead More →