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Microsoft Says Its Systems Were Also Breached in Massive SolarWinds Hack

The massive state-sponsored espionage campaign that compromised software maker SolarWinds also targeted Microsoft, as the unfolding investigation into the hacking spree reveals the incident may have been far more wider in scope, sophistication, and...

NSA Warns Of Russian Government-Backed Hackers Aiming At US Defense Sector Targets

The National Security Agency issued an alert Monday warning…

JP Morgan – $1B Fine – You Gotta Read This

I mean seriously... the rest of us have to play fair. They were allegedly running a racketeering operation? Original post: https://shedly.com/5A4je

U.S. Marshals Says Prisoners’ Personal Information Taken In Data Breach

A data breach at the U.S. Marshals Service exposed the personal information of current and former prisoners, TechCrunch has learned. #marshals #prisoners #techcrunch #breach Link: https://shedly.com/RqWqg
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30 Bounties You Can’t Ignore!

Below is a list of bounties actively being paid by companies you'll recognize! AT&T - https://bugbounty.att.com/home.php Apache - https://www.apache.org/security/ Apple - https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT201220

COVID-19: Letter From The Editor

Dear HackeRoyale Users and Supporters; I wanted to personally reach out to each of you and let you know about a few things that we are doing here at...

Chinese Cybersecurity Firm Alleges Decade Of CIA Hacks Against Chinese Officials

A cybersecurity company in China says it believes the evidence shows the CIA has hacked government officials, scientists, and industry targets in China for several years. The...

Hackers Compromise T-Mobile Employee’ Email Accounts and Steal User’s Data

Hackers Compromise T-Mobile Employee' Email Accounts and Steal User's Data Or - "Bringing the Battle to You" #hack #hacking #cybersecurity