Hellow world!
This is a small post to know how to Clone Fake Websites make Phish page and more..
we’ll be using here setoolkit -> credential harvester.
clone fake websites for phishing.

You can get SET framework created for specially social engineering attacks.
downland from here. for Linux users.

if you’re on Kali-Linux it’s pre-installed application!

Let’s start to Clone Fake Websites make Phish page

setoolkit hit and you’ll get frame work opend in terminal it self you just needed to select the options by specified numbers before them.
select 1 for social engineering attcks
then type in 2 for website attack vectors
then type in 3 for Credential Harvester Attack Method
then type in 2 for website clone.

then enter your IP address for to get HTTP POST back and
press enter now it’ll ask for website and enter target website to be cloned hit enter
harvester file will be there which stores all the passwords came accross from the clones site in /var/www/html/ floder.

you can perform ARP spoofing to get all the users to point at your page.
Thank you!..