Hello folks! SQL injection on Android has dependably been an a good time for programmers, particularly novices! Be that as it may, hold up a moment, have you at any point thought of doing this assault from your telephone? This isn’t a fantasy or bad dream please. Today I’m going to demonstrate to you the means with respect to how you can do this comfortable fingertips! Praise, lets proceed onward!

Before beginning further, on the off chance that you are confounded about SQL, what do SQL infusion assault truly mean, I counsel you to peruse this instructional exercise some time recently:


Additionally Read these articles to get a brisk thought with reference to how you can accomplish this straight from your crate. Given underneath is a point by point direct on SQL Injection assaults, and to be noticed, these instructional exercises have picked up a basic thankfulness as well. I exceptionally suggest you as well, to experience it!

How to do SQL injection without any tool TUTORIAL PART 1

How to do SQL injection without any tool TUTORIAL PART 2

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Lets start now! You need to have a rooted Android. To know more read :

How to root any Android in 2 minutes

First you have to download the apk file from here :


(Copy the above link and download)

Now you should have little knowledge of Google dorks.Here is the list of Google dorks vulnerable to SQL injection:










Here is the link to download a whole list :


Let’s take an example to describe the process in step by step manner:

For eg:

1. Let’s take a google dork link 


2.Copy and paste this link to Google.

SQL injection on Android using DriodSQLi

3.At that point tap on any connection that you wish to infuse with SQL for eg:


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4.Duplicate the entire URL 


SQL injection on Android using DriodSQLi

5.Presently, open the DriodSQLi apk



At that point at the place of Target URL:

Glue the duplicated interface from Google i.e.( www.atozpictures.com/pictures.php?Id=2)

SQL injection on Android using DriodSQLi

7. At that point tap on Inject 

SQL injection on Android using DriodSQLi

Done ..now hold up till the procedure closes.

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SQL injection on Android using DriodSQLi

Wow we have effectively hacked the database with SQL.

Hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial SQL injection  through Android!

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Happy Hacking!!


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