DNS or Domain Name System Servers convert a domain to its corresponding IP, for making it available for communication with your browser and the server. It plays a very important role this way. Often, people do take various steps, follow methods to be anonymous on net. This includes, using VPN, proxies, TOR. But, rarely, people do understand the importance of hiding DNS & leave it naked for agencies to catch them & prosecute! Hiding DNS is therefore necessary. This guide will help you in achieving the same. Good Luck!…

If you don’t know what is DNS, how it Works, read my guide on the functioning and working of Domain Name System!…


Hide your DNS

Whoer.net discovers your DNS and reveals it . Many other websites must be using the same technology to find our DNS to either track or the Commercial dot coms use this technology so our hard work is foiled when we try to hack???

I’m sure this too have a counter technology to overcome this flaw in our IP hiding tactics ..

Is there any way ??

In the management console of your net connection you can usually set the D.N.S. settings manually. This is under connection manager in most Linux distros. Usually this is left blank and will use your ISP D.N.S. Somewhere there you can configure that to use public ones, such as open DNS (, ) or google public D.N.S. ( and


Hide DNS of your ISP(provider):

Go to Network Connection settings of your provider -> and correct value DNS to Google or Open DNS, -> Save settings.


cmd.exe -> regeditHKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Param eters\Interfaces (for true hackers)

OK, local DNS is hidden now. And now we need to hide provider’s DNS.

Stop DNS-cache

To obtain provider’s D.N.S., JavaScript is loaded and takes from DNS-cache our IP.


1.  Run shell cmd.exe

2. Write “net stop dnscache” , this command stops windows service DNS-client.

3. Clean cache, write “ipconfig“/”flushdns” .

You need to do it again, after system reboots.

P.S.: It will be better if you disable auto-run of this service.

This will provide D.N.S. servers other than those of your own ISP. Then configure your browser to use them. To set your proxy server to resolve D.N.S. requests instead of your computer, in Firefox’s “about:config” area, set “network.proxy.socks_remote_dns = true“.

Other Measures

There are many other important anonymity measures too. My detailed guide on anonymity will help you get a strong shield for you.

VPNs also are used to hiding your identity online. But, read this guide before buying a VPN for yourself!

And I think also VPN or SSH tunnels won’t leak D.N.S. settings, if configured properly?! Can’t remember though, so check that.

I hope this helps, guys.

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