Are you searching for How to Hack a ATM ( Automated Teller Machine ) ? Then Here is the Article explaining on how to do it.

Is Hacking ATM’s really possible with the growing tight securities that each bank provides to their customers?

Well, it is next to impossible but the human brains has a tendency to scoop out some or the other way to alter the unfeasible into feasible.


An ATM (Automated Teller Machine) machines is an electronic telecommunications device that enables the customers for financial purposes to perform financial transactions, particularly cash withdrawal, without the need for a human cashier, clerk or banker.

An ATM is simply a data terminal with two inputs and four output devices.

Like any other data terminal, the ATM has to connect communicate through, a host processor.

The host processor is analogous to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in that it is the gateway through which all the various ATM networks become available to the cardholder.

Due to its stiff security process ATM’s are hard to get hacked.

First of there is no easy no easy way to hack an ATM machine.

With growing number of banks and their customers, ATM networks are growing.

And they are becoming increasingly tough to hack.

The most common ATMs these days are  wincor nixdorf ATM, Diebold ATM and Defcon ATM.

Second, don’t be mused by arbitrary ATM hack tricks like:

  • Hacking ATM using SIM card
  • ATM hacking through USB drive
  • Hacking ATM using a card with blank strip
  • Hacking ATM using mobile phone, through some App

Instead here are Few Methods that can make it possible but make sure don’t use the content in any unlawful manner, it is just for acquaintance.

Network Approach
  1. A slightly older yet popular way for hackers was to interrupt X.25 network with MITM (Man In The Middle) hack.
  2. This hack essentially makes the ATM understand that it has received authorization to dispense money at the request of the hacker.
  3. ATM has to be working on X.25 network for this hack to succeed.
False processing center
  1. In this method an attacker needs to contact a cable that has connected the machine to the network.
  2. The hacker separates the ATM from the bank’s network and then connects it to an appliance that acts as a fake processing center.
  3. After that the box is used to control the cash tray and send commands to the ATM, requesting money from the selected tray.
  4. Hence, the attacker can now use any card or input any PIN code, and the false transactions will look valid.
A remote attack on several ATM’s
  1. This method entails an insider working in the target bank.
  2. The criminal acquires a key from the insider that opens the ATM body.
  3. The key does not give an attacker access to the cash trays, but it depicts the network cable.
  4. The hacker detaches the ATM from the bank’s network and plugs in a special appliance that sends all of the data to their own server.
Card skimmers
  1. This is a physical method.
  2. Most common and simple method to hack an ATM is to use a Card Skimmer tools.
  3. These are usually a combination of a card reader along with a keypad .
  4. As soon as the card is dipped into the slot on ATM, the card reader records the card details and the key presses are logged into the skimmer keypad.
  5. Then you can write the skimmed card details onto a blank card and get the clone of the original ATM card.
  6. This clone card would work on any ATM and get you all the cash in the victim’s bank account.

atm skimmer

The black box hit
  1. As mentioned earlier, the attacker acquires the key to the ATM body and opens it, but this time they put the machine into safeguarding mode.
  2. Then the hacker plugs a so-called black box into the exposed USB port.
  3. A black box in this case is a device that allows an attacker to control the ATM’s cash trays.
  4. Meanwhile the invader messes with the ATM, its screen displays a service message like “Maintenance in progress” or “Out of service,” moreover, the black box can be controlled wirelessly via a Smartphone.
  5. The hacker just hit a button on the screen to get the cash and then set out the black box to hide the evidence that the machine was on hold.
ATM master key
  1. This method grants you access to ATM’s maintenance mode where you can withdraw funds from the ATM by manipulating ATM software.
  2. And no one’s account would get debited .
  3. This method can be used to withdraw cash from ATM without actually meddling with the machine or causing any damage.
  4. One needs to visit the target ATM first to check the manufacturer and model details.
  5. Once you have them, just go to ebay or AliBaba and find the suitable ATM maintenance master key.
  6. Master key will lead you to the motherboard of the ATM where you can plug in the update USB key and withdraw all the cash in the machine.
Malware attacks

There are two ways to taint a target ATM with malware:

  1. By Inserting a malware-laced USB drive into the port or by tainting the machine remotely.
  2. If the target ATM is not protected against malware a hacker can run malware to send commands to the ATM and make it give out cash, repeating the attack until the cash trays are empty.

I Hope You Got Enough Knowledge About Ways to Hack an ATM and it is Helpful.

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Happy Hacking…


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