How To Install Kali Nethunter On Android : Step-By-Step Guide

kali nethunter

Hello hackers and geeks !! Many of us have heard of Kali linux and Kali Nethunter which we use for pentesting and hacking. This are one of the most powerful tools in use.

How To Install Kali Nethunter On Android : Step-By-Step Guide

Earlier we have an article for, “How to install kali linux in android”.

Today I will show you, how you can install Kali Nethunter in Android.

For installing Nethunter, your device must be rooted.

Here is complete guide to,

How to root your device?

1.Then install BusyBox from play store.

2.Next step is to download and install Nethunter apk.

3.You can download it from here.

See the image below :

4.Allow to access the files and then give the SuperSu permission by clicking on Grant permission.

5.Now it will automatically detect your device build.

6.Here now, the important step is to check for the app update. Always use the latest version.

How To Install Kali Nethunter On Android : Step-By-Step Guide

7.Now go to Kali Chroot Manager and click on install Kali Chroot

How To Install Kali Nethunter On Android

8.Now choose download latest option.

Also “Use sdcard” option can be used if you have already downloaded the Kali Chroot and it is stored in the sd card.

9.Now select minimal Chroot if your device is of lower version. Also you can choose Full chroot if your device is of higher version.

10.Wait till the process ends and the chroot will automatically get downloaded.

How To Install Kali Nethunter On Android : Step-By-Step Guide

11.Now you are all set to use Nethunter.

12.You will now require a terminal to run commands for nethunter. You can download it from here Click here to download it.

13.Now open the terminal it should be like this:

14.Also many other Nethunter ancillaries apps are there. Some of them are :

Thank You for reading this tutorial kali nethunter!

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  1. Hi so after loading nethunter, and u r at the terminal, will you cell phone work, like a cell phone, making calls, surf the net, take pics, video? (Basically will or does it have a GUI? Or will your phone just have a terminal showing?


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