My Top 5 Tools For Online Publishing


The field of online publishing has been flourishing since last few years and this seems to be increasing in a continuous fashion for many years in the future. There are a lot many online publishing opportunities which you may get to publish your work by yourself. Therefore, this simply means that now you have to be unique and superior in comparison to your competitors.

There are various publishing tools that are available online which assist you in designing and marketing for your online blogs, websites, and magazines. SentenceCheckup can be done using various online publishing tools. So let us look at the top 5 online publishing tools which will surely help you in gaining a better understanding of building brilliant creative products and to design it in such a wonderful way so as to make it more appealing and successful.

1.    The Hemingway app

All the customers who visit your webpage or blog or online magazine need the content instantly within real time with high accuracy and high speed. But the way of publishing the content by the content writers is not that appealing which makes it less likely for the customer to get impressed.

With Hemmingway app, you can analyze your content with the help of a color coding system. The blue color beneath the words indicates the usage of adverbs which you can change to verbs, underlining with red color indicates the sentences that have been complicatedly framed. Yellow color indicates lengthy sentences. Green color helps you in getting alert by the passive voice usage.

This app is completely free to use and it gives you a readability score by mentioning it in grades. If you want to publish your content online, the content should be graded at the 7th level of reading.

2.    Grammarly

Grammarly allows plug-in services for Google Chrome and desktop on which you can post in a direct way on to the program. Grammarly app helps you in attending to the grammar errors, for instance, passive voice usage, incorrect spellings of words, repetition of words, and prepositions mentioned in unclear ways. Check my grammar here with

If you supplement your web browser with the plug-in, then Grammarly can work even in the background while you type your content in the text space given while alerting you about the errors which you are making.

You can directly cut; copy and paste for reviewing or you may type the content in the application directly. You can then copy and paste the Grammarly correct content wherever you require.

3.    Canva

It is a very easy designing tool which is absolutely free for use in your android devices or desktop. It helps you in creating the images and designing the pictures on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram etc. blogging sites, online presentations and e-books.

This particular application is very convenient to use as it provides free templates which suggest you how to go about the things rather than sitting blankly in front of the screen and wondering what step to take next.

4.    Atavist

Atavist is another wonderful online publishing tool that is meant for dealing with long posts extending up to word limit of 20,000. This app makes sure to engage the readers and maintain their interest throughout the posts.

Atavist also allows students to access the app, where they can do submissions of their projects and their presentations containing visuals and helps you in publishing your work.

5.    Magloft

This application is a very compendious online publishing platform that helps you in providing all the tools that help in getting easy access the different things. It also comprises of a feature of drag and drops which helps in forming and designing original content. This is a quite simple application through which you can upload your content in PDF format. Also, you may edit your content using different features such as slideshows, videos, and audios. After this, you can publish your content using the publishing tool which is available by the Magloft.


The above mentioned are some of the top five online publishing tools that are available free of cost which you may utilize to enhance the quality of the content and increases the users’ satisfaction level. It also makes you unique from others and helps you in achieving success faster in comparison to your rivalries.


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