Top 20 sources for passive Information Gathering
Information Gathering

Top 20 sources for passive Information Gathering

Hello everyone! Information gathering is one of the first primary and painstaking job for the pentesters. Collection of various facts, and their consecutive sorting and enumeration is of tremendous significance in building a footprinting report. Below I’ve listed some of the best sources that can help you with passive information gathering. I hope you’ll like reading it for sure!

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– No Success with Whitepages? Try this.

– Professional Career and Employment.

– Another People Search

-Name, city, and state.

– Companies by Name, category, or city.

– Phone Books

– Need to confirm dox? Calling neighbors and asking for the target. They tell you how you can reach them.
– Source Free people and business searches in the US and Canada. 
– Links to almost every phone book in the world.

passive information gathering

Social Networks

– Facebook,MySpace,YouTube,Blogs, Whois, etc.
– Searches quite a few different places.
– A profile searcher for Networking sites. 
– Check to see if a username has been used on over 9000 websites. 
– Accurate! 
– It provides excellent results when e-mail addresses and full names are used. 
– Find deleted webpages. 
– Have someone’s old email? Find current ones.
– Search email by name, phone, fax, college, ancestors, etc. 
– Find the ip of a protected site 
– EXIF searcher

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