How to Use Tasker App: Beginners Guide

How to Use Tasker App: Beginners Guide

As you all know Tasker is an automation app that performs several tasks set by users according to date, time, location and other factors. Is it not cool? You can do many tasks having an only single app on your device like, for date and time, you don’t need to have the best calendar app. In automation category, the app is master of all other automation apps like Condi and Automate.


You can’t miss even a single task if you automate it using Tasker, that’s why all android users love Tasker Profiles and today I’m here for tasker tutorial, so new users get to know the basics and functionality of this extraordinary app to take it easy on how to use Tasker.


Users also can get access the free version available for 7 days to test its functionality and whether it’s up to your needs or not.  But if you are determined to use Tasker as your next app, then let’s get with the tasker user guide and learn things about Tasker and Tasker Profiles.


How to Use Tasker App: Beginners Guide


1). Learning the Basic Terms


Tasker uses different commands to initiate its functions, and for new users, it’s necessary to get an introduction to these commands and what they actually mean.


Here, I’m going to take you to three main functionalities that you need to learn so you can easily deal with it.


Tasker Profile: Profile means a condition that you need to set very first for the task to happen. It is the basic step if you wish any automated action to happen like play music when Headphones are plugged automatically, phone locking, change wallpaper automatically etc.


Task: When you are done with profiling, it takes you to Task which means executing that action when the conditions are met as you set in the profile section.


Exit Task: A task gets stopped when it meets the Profile condition or when the time passes that is set in the profile, a task gets ended.


Action: Action means some type of functioning that happens to your phone or tablet and by instructing your phone to be in a certain state.  For now, Tasker uses 200 actions within 21 categories such as an app, audio, display, file, image, location, media, etc.


Context: Context means the situations when you want the task to happen or the conditions necessary to execute the task.


Variable: A value that can be changed like date and time for your specific task to be performed by Tasker.


Scene: In Tasker, you can use your choice of layout, buttons, and popups. So it is a theme as you do for your tasker’s atmosphere to make it friendlier according to you.


Project: Project is a group where you have set the tasks, profiles, themes, variable and other values and you can define a name for your projects.


2). How to Use Tasker to Create Your First Profile


After getting familiar with all these terms, you can easily create your first profile on Tasker and let’s see if it executes finely.


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After getting done with tasker download, you can go into the account to set your first task by getting your favorite theme or operate it in the default mode.


  • When you open it leaves you on the profile tab where you can easily see ‘click to add a profile.’ Now you need to click on the + (plus) sign to create a profile and it asks you to set the name of the task.


  • Here you need to set your task’s name and select a category needed from the 21 categories as mentioned above.


  • Let’s take an example of setting the maximum phone’s brightness. Select ‘Display’ category and after that go to ‘Display Brightness’ so here you can setup the brightness to maximum and all you have to do is give your Tasker a command to display the full brightness.


  • Whenever your device gets connected to Wi-Fi, the brightness gets in the highest level because you set it like that.


  • Now, you also need to do a set that whenever your device gets connected to a specific Wi-Fi connection, the brightness will be set to the maximum level.


  • In the same way, you can set other factors too as date or time when the brightness should go to the fullest. So just like this task, you can set any kind of task by choosing your choice of category.


  • To do this, go on the + sign again, in the list, choose ‘State’ and then select ‘Wi-Fi connected’. Now you need to tell your device for which Wi-Fi connection you want this setting. After getting done, it asks you for which task you need to set this action and there you need to choose the task you just created.


  • To get a more clear idea, just play around with the app, set several tasks defining functions of your choice, change themes and perform different activities like these.




Tasker facilitates you executing several tasks on your behalf by using a complex programming and plugins. It’s a powerful tool as it can automate the tasks according to different commands for a particular task.


So the tasker serves you in many ways and to get the real experience, go with this android app and make your life easy.

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