Tips for beginners in blackjack


Online casinos such as GClub Casino are part of modern human life. Gambling is as old as human civilization itself and with Internet penetration, classic gambling has transformed into thousands of online casinos which are scattered in the virtual universe. In this post we will discuss Blackjack, one of the most popular games in online casinos.

Blackjack is one of those classic casino games that many have had experience of whether they even set foot in a casino or visited one online. It is part of the western gambling culture and has been for a long time. However, if you have never played the game against the game, here are some tips that may be good to know before you start.

We start with the basics. In blackjack you only play against the dealer, even if other players are sitting at the same table. The goal is to get a higher hand than the dealer and the highest hand you can get is 21, which is why blackjack is also known as twenty-one. The value of the cards is somewhat different from what you otherwise know about playing cards. 2-10 is worth what is on the card, but jack, lady and king are all worth 10 as well, and aces are worth one or eleven, whatever makes a better hand.

The cards are dealt one by one until everyone has got two cards. All but the dealer’s first card is issued openly so everyone can see. Then the player starts the closest to the dealer’s left side. The possible actions you have when it’s your turn are:

– Stay
– Draw cards
– Dual
– Share
– Lie down

However, it is worth pointing out that not all games allow you to settle down, but those who do this give half the bet back if you fold. Stop and draw cards say themselves. If you go on the journey to the next and you go short you have to continue with this as long as you do not go over 21.

Double is one of the special features where you double your current bet and get a single card for, although it happens to be a second that does not improve your hand enough to be able to win.

Sharing is the most complex since you can only do this if you have a hand that consists of two cards of the same value. This means that you can split a king and a ten as they are both worth 10. However, not all blackjack games allow this where the cards must be equal to that in addition to suite. When you share you get two separate hands and have to add an equal amount to so you have two piles for two hands. Then you get a new card for each hand and now get the chance to draw cards to each hand. However, not all variants allow one to double or split after one has already shared. In the end, you should play on only reputable casinos. Our recommendation is Royal Online as you can find a variety of Blackjack games.


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