How to do a whois lookup: Step-by-step Guide
Information Gathering

How To Do A Whois Lookup: Step-By-Step Guide

Whois lookup is a query and response protocol used for querying databases that stores the registered user details such as:

Domain name details

Contact details of domain owner

Domain name servers

Net range

When a domain has been created

Expiry Records

Records last updated

Whois Lookup is a a part of Information gathering process.

How to do a whois lookup

Read this article on passive foot-printing to get a deeper insight in this!

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The subtle elements got can be utilized by an aggressor to make a guide of the association arrange, assemble individual data to play out a social designing assault, accumulate other interior system points of interest, and so on.

A whois query can be performed utilizing whois administrations, for example,

How does whois lookup works

The provides whois information such as registrant details, email, administrative contact information, created and expiry date, a list of domain services, etc.

Whois lookup using Domain Dozzler

The Domain Dossier available at gives the address lookup, domain whois records, network whois records, DNS record information.

How to do a Whois Lookup

Whois lookup online  tools :

1)Smartwhois available at (

2)Better whois available at (

3)Whois source available at (

4)Network-tools available at (

5)whois available at (

6)DNSstuff available at (

7)Network solution whois available at (

8)WebToolHub available at (

9) Ultra Tools available at (

While, these steps are very simple, you can also use google searching tactics to collect more details of your target site.

This is it about whois lookup and I hope this article helps you!

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